How The Elite Control The Masses. The Desperation From Voters In Their Commitment That This Time The Government Is Telling The Truth

How The Elite Control The Masses. The Desperation From Voters In Their Commitment That This Time The Government Is Telling The Truth

Joe Bowman

Americans are desperately seeking leaders who will tell the truth and act based on universal moral values rather than personal greed, misguided ideological dominance, and an obsession with unilateralism. This is true for domestic issues as well as foreign policies.

How The Elite Control The Masses

The sad fact is that we, the people of this great country are no longer in control, we are being controlled. Many people are starting to finally see that we are controlled through social engineering.

Here are the top 4 ways they manage to do it.

Fear. The foundation of all control. The media is infested with this words that cause fear, nuclear weapons, war, terrorism, deadly technologies, radical ideologies of hate, threats, terror, global war. Fear leads to self-censorship, and self-censorship leads to a stifling of the political debate that is at the very core of a democratic society. They are trying to create a culture of fear so that people may read but don’t share. It is an effort to limit the reach of news coming from activists and the opposition.

Intimidation. Intimidate the public to induce  “Stockholm Syndrome” and submission to the usurping of the civil liberties. Stockholm Syndrome: an emotional attachment to a captor formed by a hostage as a result of continuous stress, dependence and a need to cooperate for survival. A victim of Stockholm Syndrome irrationally clings to the notion that if only she tries hard enough and loves him unconditionally, the abuser will eventually see the light. He, in turn, encourages her false hope for as long as he desires to string her along. Seeing that he can sometimes behave well, the victim blames herself for the times when he mistreats her. Because her life has been reduced to one goal and one dimension which subsumes everything else.
Distract. Distract the population from important information with non-stop bread and circuses, and exploit tragedies to impose the will of the state.


Divide and Conquer. Use the media to create a paradigm of two narratives for every major political issue, to keep the people fighting with each other. Have you ever noticed that people won’t take the time to look up important information but they’ll spend 15 minutes taking a quiz to find out what kind of potato they are? This is by design.  Nearly every debate so far has been turned into a two-paradigm debate. Here are just a few examples:

  • Pro-Gun or Anti-Gun
  • Pro-Vaccine or Anti-Vaccine
  • Pro-Cop or Anti-Cop
  • Black Lives Matter or All Lives Matter
  • Pro-Choice or Pro-Life
  • Pro-War or Isolationalist
  • Republican or Democrat

The media sets the paradigm and never breaks it. While the two sides fight with each other, anyone who thinks outside of the two narrative-paradigm is dismissed and demonized.

Meanwhile…nothing changes, we have no control of anything…we are to led to believe that we are.

We are noticing that our political and cultural leaders are mostly cowards, dupes, traitors, crooks, opportunists and impostors.

An immanent Moral Order precludes a small clique monopolizing the world’s wealth and enslaving its population.

So, international bankers along with the war profiteers in the “Military Industrial Complex” work to create war, fear, depression and terror so that they can keep the lower classes in check.

Just as we need healthy food and exercise, our mind and soul needs to be nourished by truth and beauty. We need to see life portrayed honestly, with the real forces identified.

Instead, we are deliberately deceived and degraded by a small financial elite with a diabolical plan. White stallions (our souls) are fed a diet of sawdust.

Whether it’s school or mass media, we are bombarded with propaganda designed to produce alienation and dysfunction. We must protect ourselves from this mass manipulation at all costs.


The wealthiest elite and corporations own the Earth itself. Their property extends from horizon to horizon. You can’t even put a dollar value on their holdings because they fix the value of the dollar. The truly wealthy don’t have a fixed wealth. Their value is the blood in your veins and the invisible cell-phone waves rolling through the sky. They own the air we breathe, the food supplies, the water we drink, basically everything that we need to survive.  The hidden truth is that many working class people consider themselves middle class. This is a lie that has been perpetuated upon most Americans so that they will identify with the wealthy (masters) and not with the poor (wage slaves)


What separates the working class from the middle class?

A portfolio. If a middle class person loses their job, their investment portfolio will pay their bills, their mortgage, their favorite restaurants and luxuries they have become accustom to for about a year or possibly a little longer. If a working-class individual loses their job, their lifestyle will change drastically in two to four weeks. Debt will rise like a tsunami and all the frill that they bought on credit will wash away. We have to become aware of these categories because that is the only way that we can learn to identify with each other again and come together in solidarity.

The gates that we run into are fencing us out, not protecting us. The politicians that we vote for know our net worth better than we do. And net worth, the bottom line, is our most important political value.

Together WE own the Earth. Pretending that we are part of the class above (or stepping on others in order to attain that status) relinquishes our value to the powers that be. By defining our class we can accurately see ourselves on the side where we exist without falling prey to the lies of international bankers, politicians, war profiteers, and ad men. Yes, the elite control absolutely everything, except your mind. WE the people are the true custodians of Earth!

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