Zionism: A Xenophobe’s Purgatory.

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January 20, 2017

Joe Bowman


There’s plenty of vitriol being spewed in the corporate owned media causing division mainly between blacks and whites but one thing I rarely hear discussion on is the topic of what constitutes anti-Semitism. I see it every day on the internet where ill-informed people make the blanketed statement of saying “Jews are responsible for all of the problems in the world” or “Jews control the media”. The latter may not be far from the truth however one needs to distinguished your average practitioner of Judaism from a more sinister component that has evolved over time and its tentacles have spread rapidly, clinching at any and all throats who speak out in opposition of its dastardly deeds. The group I am speaking of call themselves Zionists. Zionism is a nationalist and political movement that supports the re-establishment of a Jewish homeland in the territory defined as the historic Land of Israel (also referred to as Palestine, Canaan or the Holy Land). Zionism emerged in the late 19th century in central and eastern Europe as a national revival movement, called Hovevei Tziyonand soon after this most leaders of the movement associated the main goal with creating the desired state in Palestine, then an area controlled by the Ottoman EmpireThe primary goals of Zionism until 1948, were the re-establishment of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel (“Eretz Israel” in Hebrew) and the ingathering of the exiles.  What it boils down to is that those who subscribe to this ideology suffer from a psychic pathogen that causes otherwise normal people to turn into sociopaths who believe that they are more entitled than others which gives them the illusion that they have the right to steal entire countries and in the case of the Palestinians, they have engaged in an aggressive campaign of war and state sponsored terrorism through apartheid and various genocidal tendencies. In fact, on November 10, 1975, the general assembly of the United Nations overwhelmingly voted for a resolution determining that Zionism is a form of “racism and racial discrimination.” The following year due to powerful worldwide Zionist media, as well as political and financial influence, the resolution was overturned.   I understand people wanting to preserve their heritage as I have remained silent on the whole Confederate flag debacle, but no one has the right to ethnically cleanse, murder, torture, and oppress another people from their own land, homes, and businesses as Israel is doing to the Palestinians. Israel is not just a state; it is a Jewish supremacist state. In the United States, we have many who wish to intertwine church and state and thankfully we have just as many who fight it tooth and nail every step of the way as the founding fathers intended. Israel on the other hand seems to legislate or dictate the most common practices of life by religious doctrine. There is no civil marriage. Jews can only be married in a religious ceremony, by an Orthodox rabbi under the authority of the Chief Rabbinate, the top religious authority for Jews in Israel. This means there is also no interfaith marriage between Jews and non-Jews, since Orthodox Judaism does not allow mixed unions. Israelis who belong to other streams of Judaism, such as Reform or Conservative, must still tie the knot in front of an Orthodox rabbi in a traditional ceremony if they want their marriage to be recognised by the state. This religious monopoly, which has no equal among other Western democracies, puts people whose religious status is registered as “other” in a particularly precarious position.  The thing that should bother you most is that your tax dollars (roughly 3 Billion dollars annually) are supporting the systemic racism portrayed by the policies of apartheid dealt out by the Israeli government not to mention their war crimes. In addition to the $3.1 billion in fiscal year 2015 funding, the Obama Administration also requested $96.8 million for joint US-Israeli programs and $175.9 million for Iron Dome

Israel’s short-range anti-rocket system. This funding is provided in regular U.S. defense authorization and appropriations bills and does not formally constitute direct bilateral aid.

Roughly 300,000 Palestinians live under complete control of the Israeli military.

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is an obscure document that was probably one of the first ever ventures into the realm of what is now known as “conspiracy theory.” It can be described as the blueprint for the domination of the world by a secret brotherhood.  In fact, the title of the second publication in 1922 was “World Conquest Through World Government”. It is graphic in its contempt for those who will be its victims, in its profound understanding of the human condition and mind; and it is equally graphic in detailing the methodology it will use against, and with the complicity of, the world’s population, in such a way as to go unrecognised by the vast majority of the participants. No other single document provides us with such a clear understanding of why the world is gradually moving towards a One World Government, controlled by an irreproachable hidden hand. In The Protocols, we are given clear insights as to why so many incomprehensible political decisions are made in local, national and international politics, which seem to continually work against the favor of the masses and in favor of the vested interests of the banking/industrial cartel — the global power elite. The average person normally reacts with outrage and horror today at the very suggestion that there may be a conspiracy as grand as The Protocols. But the average person has absolutely no information on which to base his or her opinion. The reaction to exposure of this ancient conspiracy is merely a pre-programmed Pavlovian reaction, created and instilled by the very perpetrators of the same ancient conspiracy. And today, very few will dare speak above a whisper of that all-encompassing oppression of mankind. It is extremely rare today to find information about the ancient conspiracy, due to the mass censorship of the printed word, and the unwillingness of the general population to consider as a possibility something which they have been brought up since birth to see as outrageous and ridiculous. Each generation is born into a world of greater and greater censorship and illusion. There have been many attempts to discount The Protocols as a fraud, and the fact remains that there is no documentary proof that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are what they say they are. Allegations of forgery and fraud have dogged their public history. However, despite many opinions to the contrary, the documents have never been categorically proved to be fraudulent. While Zionists and their agents are dispersed worldwide, the embodiment of the snake of Zionism resides with those who control the state of Israel. I bear no ill will toward Israelis who do not embrace Zionism, but I am mindful that the Zionists in control of that tiny nation have wielded enormous influence upon American politicians who in turn, have burdened the American taxpayer with the cost of funding the strife, oppression, and terrorism which Zionist Israel has wreaked upon so many defenseless and vulnerable people around the world. For the twisted minds who embrace these precepts, there is no limit to the degree of deceit, dishonesty, abuse, trickery, cruelty, or killing. The classic trick employed by defenders of Israel’s Zionist regime: lumping together any criticism of the Israeli state’s policies or of the US government’s support for them with racist attacks on Jews. I don’t think the average Jew or the average Israeli wants to support the atrocious Zionist crimes against the Palestinian people any more than the average American wants to see our military conduct drone strikes that kill innocent civilians abroad in pursuit of one or two bad guys. If you’re of Jewish faith and you don’t condone the actions of the elite Zionist war criminals you need to speak up now. Together we all need to establish a worldwide mentality that declares and supports human rights for everyone on the planet and not just a “chose” few.   



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